Our Advisory Services for Transition to and Implementation of Turkish Financial Reporting Standards («TFRS»)

  • Preparing a detailed project plan and providing all kinds of supports and consulting services throughout the TFRS transformation process,
  • Evaluating the potential impacts of TFRS on financial statements and distributable profit,
  • Analyzing the impacts of TFRS on specific areas and processes such as treasury, taxes, finance, technology and valuation,
  • Designing a TFRS chart of account,
  • Synchronizing Information Systems with TFRS,
  • Providing theoretical and practical TFRS trainings.


Our Financial Reporting Services

  • Accounting implementation advisory in complex and specific areas (derivate instruments, goodwill, valuation, etc.)
  • Supporting adoption and implementation of new or updated accounting standards/regulations
  • Assigning a professional from our company to the client’s financial affairs department on full time or part time basis for assisting our clients in periodic reporting needs,
  • Preparing of financial statements and all other financial information of our clients,
  • Assistance in replying to the official letters and questions of regulatory authorities,
  • Providing theoretical and practical trainings on different accounting standards,
  • Designing and implementing new reporting infrastructures and process of companies based new reporting requirements introduced post-merger and acquisition,
  • Reporting advisory services throughout the Public Offering process
  • Auditing non-financial data (e.g., stocktaking/inventory counting, audit of information such as number of advertisements published in the social media)
  • Assisting  our clients  to ensure that they are comply with  reporting  requirements of regulatory authorities such as CMB (Capital Markets Board) and EMRA (Energy Market Regulatory Authority),
  • Preparing of annual reports in compliance with Turkish Commercial Code.

Buyer and Seller Due Diligence

  • Industry analysis and target company search / identification, preliminary analysis

Independent Audit

  • Auditing and reporting a company’s financial information by using independent audit techniques for confirming compliance and accuracy of such information under the standards imposed by the regulatory authorities and committees,
  • Reviewing the accounting policies used and material estimates carried out by a company’s management

 Limited Independent Review

  • Collection information from personnel in charge of financial reporting processes
  • Implementing analytical review and other review techniques

Compliance Audit

Determining whether the operations or transactions of a business comply with specific methods and rules, related regulations

Restructuring Services

Focuses of restructuring service can be summarized as strategic assessment, finance restructuring, working capital improvement, taxation risk and opportunity analysis, cost reduction, capital expenditures and mergers & acquisitions.

As BD Audit Company, we focus on each field of business to improve our service quality and offer services based on our clients’ needs. Our clients, who are in need of restructuring at financial hard times or during new investment processes, can benefit from experiences of our expert executive staff.

Due Diligence and Merger & Acquisition Advisory

Bringing companies together through mergers and acquisitions, or dividing them through demerger and sell-out are among the most complex business transactions an organization can go though. BD Audit Company is a professional services firm that can offer advisory services to strategic corporate buyers and private equity investors at any stage of a Merger & Acquisition project. As BD Audit Company, we offer services that add value and cater needs of our clients in a wide range from determining strategy of a company to selecting the right partner; conducting thorough due diligence to closing the deal; in short from beginning to end.

Independent Audit Services

Our independent audit services:

  • Accounting Compliance and Reporting Services
  • Financial Accounting Advisory Services
  • Financial Statement Audit
  • Fraud Investigation and Dispute Advisory Services


Accounting Compliance and Reporting Services

Designing and implementing the right system

Restructuring finance processes on an international scale might bring along new challenges and risks. Hence the right control systems must be implemented based on risk reduction, visibility and stable quality factors; efficiency of processes and systems must be considered and true value must be created for any organization in a cost-efficient way. Businesses that design and implement the right systems will achieve higher yield from their global finance investments.

Purpose of accounting compliance and reporting services is to assist large and multinational firms operating in foreign companies when they fulfill their financial reporting liabilities. The companies, operating in different sectors and penetrating the emerging markets, restructure their finance processes, benefit from common service centers and focus on constantly improving their efficiency and reducing their costs.

The services provided based on knowledge and experiences of our teams are managed centrally so that our clients can fully comply with all their liabilities.

Our Services:

  • Statutory reporting services
  • Accounting assistance to finance departments
  • Transition from generally accepted accounting standards implemented for group reporting to local generally accepted accounting standards
  • Period-end closing procedures, issuing trial balance, account settlements, data collection and analysis, harmonizing accounting records and inventory results to issue general ledger post-closing trial balance,
  • Coordinating with our experts to prepared financial statements basis to tax declarations pursuant to generally accepted accounting standards.

Financial Statement Audit

As BD Audit Company, we offer audit services so that reliable, transparent and consistent information can be provided to financial statement readers of companies.

We provide integrated services to companies by keeping up with changing Turkish and global regulations and implementing global audit methodology.

Our team has experience and knowledge in different sector.


About Tax Services

As BD Audit Company, we provide services in the fields of tax audit, certification procedures and tax advisory. Thanks to different approaches and experiences, our professional team supports our clients in the process of maintaining a smooth relationship with the competent authorities.

Our services cover assurance of compliance to the tax regulation, accurate reporting and development of sustainable tax strategies.


Tax Advisory Services

Businesses might have difficulties in finding solutions for tax practices since they focus on strategy development, regulatory compliance, business plan performance and risk management issues. Our professionals support businesses so that their business plans will comply with tax practices based on right decision made at the right time.


  • Strategic Tax Planning Advisory
  • Operational Tax Planning
  • Tax Advisory on Finance Institutions and Financial Procedures

Accounting Compliance, Payroll and Reporting Services will offer you much more than a standard outsourcing service.



  • Bookkeeping based on our information technologies systems
  • Monitoring time benefit offered to the company management
  • Competitive cost structure
  • Expertise in local and international accounting and reporting procedures
  • Qualified and well educated personnel
  • Easy access to professionalism


Besides optimizing client processes, we offer following services by using the state-of-the-art technology solutions:

  • Companies can focus on operational aspects that directly add value to the business while we minimize the bookkeeping costs of accounting and payroll departments and save time for our clients.
  • Our accounting and payroll services are designed based on our clients’ requirements. We support our clients in the process of improving performances in financial solution development, improvement of review quality and accounting & payroll (human resources) department by implementing process methodology.

Our Accounting Services

  • Day-to-day management of accounting processes
  • Statutory bookkeeping according to Turkish Commercial Code, Tax Procedural Law, and Unified Accounting System required under the Communiqué issued by the Ministry of Finance
  • Preparing monthly and annual trial balances, balance sheets and income statements
  • Year-end closing procedures; preparing quarterly and annual financial statements (balance sheet and income statement) to be submitted to the tax offices
  • Preparing and submitting tax declarations on electronic platforms


Payroll and Personnel Services

  • Professional support on payroll and personnel procedures
  • Preparing payrolls, including tax and social security contributions
  • Preparing and submitting monthly Social Security Institution (SGK) declarations
  • Preparing and keeping (if requested) personnel files
  • Preparing SGK declarations at the beginning and end of personnel employment


Temporary Assignment of Personnel

The services are offered for assisting you in your day-to-day operations as well as increasing functionality of your existing processes.

  • Employment of professional personnel
  • Temporary assignment of our assistant, specialist and supervisor personnel at the client’s company
  • Organizing training and technical control service to the client’s personnel for services related to accounting, payroll and personnel

Accounting Advisory Services

Besides our standard services, the following services are also available:

  • Assistance in implementing accounting programs
  • Account Settlement procedures
  • Reporting


Transition to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

  • Assistance in preparing financial statements complying with International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Transition from records issued based on group’s accounting principles to statutory (as per the tax laws in Turkey) generally accepted accounting principles – tax records

Registration / Application Services

  • Registration formalities before tax office
  • SGK registration formalities